The libertarian ideology is summarized in this eight minute YouTube video:


As it suggests in the beginning the philosophy starts with individual and self-ownership. Every individual has a right to life. One’s life consists of not only a beating heart, but also one’s actions, beliefs, and property. Any attempt to murder, enslave or steal one’s property is to claim ownership over one’s life or liberty. Murder, enslavement, and theft are immoral no matter how convincing the excuse may be. Elected officials try to claim the moral high ground by violating other’s life and liberty in exchange for a promise or solution to a problem, but this is only an illusion of justice. In a free society every individual’s rights are held in the highest regard no matter which arbitrary excuses the government or otherwise uses to destroy liberty.

The philosophy of liberty is not really difficult to understand. However, the principles that it consist of have to be applied to all situations if we are to achieve a peaceful, prosperous and free world.